Kaun Hain Voh Bahubali Hindi Song HD | Baahubali Song Full HD | Bollywood Songs | Hindi Songs

Kaun Hain Voh Bahubali Hindi Song HD | Baahubali Song Full HD | Bollywood Songs | Hindi Songs

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Movie Synopsis:
After vanquishing the Kalakeyas, Amarendra Baahubali is declared as the
future king of Mahishmati and Bhallaladeva its commander-in-chief. The
Rajmata Sivagami orders Amarendra to tour the kingdom and its
neighbourhood, along with Kattappa. During the tour, Amarendra witnesses
an attack by Devasena / Thevasenai, the princess of Kuntala, a kingdom
neighbouring Mahishmati. Falling in love with her, he approaches her
after the fight, posing as a simpleton and an orphan and Kattappa plays
a role as his uncle, and is accepted into the royal palace for a job.

Bhallaladeva receives a message of Amarendra’s act and upon viewing
Devasena’s portrait, lusts for her. He asks Sivagami for Devasena’s hand
in marriage. The Rajmata, who was unaware of Amarendra’s feelings for
Devasena, assures Bhallaladeva and sends an emissary to Kuntala, who
delivers the marriage proposal in a patronising way. An insulted
Devasena rejects the proposal with a scathing reply. Enraged hearing her
response, Sivagami sends an order to Amarendra that Devasena be brought
to Mahishmati as a captive.

Meanwhile, Kuntala is attacked by Pindaris, a dacoit-like army.
Amarendra, with the help of Kattappa, Devasena’s maternal cousin, Kumara
Varma, is able to nullify the attack and save Kuntala. Upon being
questioned, Amarendra reveals his true identity. He receives a bird post
from Mahishmati, ordering him to take Devasena as captive. He promises
Devasena that he will protect her honour and convinces her to come with
him to Mahishmati as his future bride.

Upon reaching Mahishmati, the misunderstanding is brought to light and
when an ultimatum is delivered to Amarendra that he must either choose
the throne or Devasena, he chooses the latter. Bhallaladeva is crowned
king and Amarendra is made the new commander-in-chief. This, however,
does not impact Amarendra’s popularity among the people. During
Devasena’s baby shower, Bhallaladeva rids Amarendra of his duties as a
“gift” and offers them to Sethupathi. Devasena speaks out against
Sivagami’s inaction and taunts Bhallaladeva. Due to further clashes (An
altercation between Devasena and Sethupathi), Amarendra and Devasena are
banished from the royal palace, living happily among the people.

Bijjaladeva convinces Kumara Varma that Bhallaladeva is after
Amarendra’s life and he must kill the king to safeguard his
brother-in-law. Kumara Varma enters the palace in the stealth of the
night, only to be discovered by Bhallaladeva and be killed, but not
before revealing their plot to convince Sivagami to kill Amarendra due
to the people’s continuing respect for him. Sivagami, convinced that
Bhallaladeva’s life is under threat but that open hostility would result
in civil war, orders Kattappa to assassinate Amarendra. Kattappa, bound
by his word to serve the Queen, lures Amarendra by feigning he is in
trouble, and then stabs him in the back and kills him.

After Amarendra’s death, Kattappa soon learns of Bhallaladeva’s
treachery and informs Sivagami, who reveals to the panicked hordes
outside her palace that Amarendra is dead and that the baby Mahendra
Baahubali would ascend the throne. As Bhallaladeva and his men are about
to seize the queen, she flees with the new King but falls into a river
after being hit by an arrow shot by Bhallaladeva. Bhallaladeva becomes a
tyrannical emperor who holds Devasena prisoner for the next 25 years and
destroys Kuntala, Mahendra ends up in alliance with the rebels who try
to rescue her.

After listening to the whole story, Mahendra Baahubali (alias Shivudu /
Shiva) immediately declares war. He assembles the rebel army, consisting
of villagers and scattered soldiers. With Kattappa’s and Avantika’s
assistance, the army lays siege to Mahishmati. Bhallaladeva recapture’s
Devasena, but Kattappa, Mahendra, and the rebels breech the city walls
and save her. Mahendra fights his uncle and pins him down using the
chains from Devasena’s cage. After completing a cleansing ritual
Devasena burns Bhalla on a pyre, ending his reign permanently.

The next day, Mahendra is crowned the new king of Mahishmati with
Avantika as his queen. He declares Mahishmati will be dedicated to
upholding peace and justice under his leadership.

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