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Cast: Dhanveer, Vandana Singh, Claudia Ciesla, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Navdeep Kaler, Binnu Dhillon, BN Sharma, Raghveer Boli, Tarsinder Singh, Anita Meet, Anita Shabdeesh, Sanjeev Rai and Rupinder Barnala
Directed by : Gurbir Grewal
Produced by :Gurbir Singh Grewal, Sarabjeet Singh Bal, Inderjeet Singh Mann.
Story : Gurbir Grewal

Synopsis :
In this Punjabi Film, Anna (Claudia Ciesla) comes to Punjab to find her sister’s husband who cheated her and disappeared from Canada, with all her sister’s valuables along with Sehaj (Vandana Singh). Sehaj’s father wants to marry her to anyone who offers lot of money as Sehaj posses permanent residence of Canada. Sehaj finds this and run away from home and goes to Kuku’s home(Gurpreet Ghuggi), whom they earlier met at Delhi Airport. After finding out that Sehaj has permanent residency of Canada, two of Kuku’s friend Deep and Jashan tries to woo Sehaj. Sehaj is confused between the two and finally choose Jashan. A local businessman is interested in buying Kuku’s family land. But Kuku is not interested so the businessman often sends hence henchman to threaten him. Kuku’s sister is school teacher and on a day is invited for lunch at fellow teacher’s home. She takes Anna along with her, where she finds the photograph of the man she is looking for. That man turns out to be husband of Kuku’s sister’s colleague Tarseem Singh (Binnu Dhillon). Kuku enlist Deep’s school time friend Vijay, a suspended cop. Vijay kidnaps Ujagar Singh, the in-charge cop of the area, who is also accomplice in businessman and Tarseem’s crimes. Vijay threatens Ujagar with life and gets the truth out of him. Due to solving this case, Vijay gets his job back and arrest Tarseem and the businessman. Kuku , Anna and Sehaj, Jashan forms a committed relationship. One of the best Punjabi Movies. …..


Download Movie YAAR PARDESI | Full Punjabi Movie | Part 4 Of 7 | Latest Punjabi Movies | Dhanveer – Ghuggi – Binnu

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