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this is pian of broken heart f you some one then must watch it&pls share
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broken heart very sad love shayari urdu hindi punjabi very Emotional sad poetry nafra shayar very emotional heart touching heart broken poetry very beautiful poetry with sad music
punjabi urdu hindi sad poetry t0 pakistan india punjab romatic shayari is love by all over lover punjabi shayari orignal punjabi poetry sad punjabi urdu poetry with beautiful vioce heart touching broken heart romantic classic poems must watch verty sad Emotional vedio that will make me cry its punjabi hindi urdu poetry is really nice classic shayari punjabi sad poetry heart broken heart touching shayari Punjabi Poetries – Express your feeling with Pakistan’s largest collection of Punjabi Poetry. and share your favorite Punjabi Shayari. Find very sad emotional Punjabi Poetry No matter where you belong to rich culture always grabs the attention of people towards it. Pakistan’s populous region Punjab possesses rich culture. It implicates deep influence on the natives and language bearers worldwide. Punjabis are happening, energetic, and culture oriented. They give equal importance to their language, food, literature and poetry. Find latest and iconic collection of Punjabi Poetry and Punjabi Shayari, Sad Shayari or Urdu Sad Poetry is a form of urdu poetry which is depressing, unhappy and sorrowful. Sad Shayari is loved by people who are depressed and heart-broken. Reading and Writing Urdu sad poetry is a nice way to express your sad feelings to the world.
punjabi &Urdu & Sad Poetry and Sad Shayari are the same words, the only difference is the language. Sad Poetry is commonly known as Sad Shayari in pakistan and india.
Sad love poem for a broken heart., my everything… short sad love poems – break up poem. Share my poem on your social media pages. Like, comment, or subscribe. Thank you so much!
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