The Reality of the Dunya || Emotional Heart touching English Bayan

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Allah says in the Quran, “Do not forget your portion of the Dunya.” Imam Qurtubi says, “Your portion of this Dunya is your kuffan.” The only thing you will take from this Dunya is your kuffan, everything else you will leave behind, EVERYTHING, your car, your bank balances, you take nothing. Your popularity, your fancy scarfs, your nice homes, your nice garments, everything remains behind. What you go to in the grave is those to kuffans that’s it, and this is the reality of the dunya. But we are often deceived by the dunya. Imam Gaazali Rahimullah gave an example and he spoke of a man who’s walking through a jungle, and while he’s walking he looked behind and sees a lion chasing him, and he starts to run, he comes to a well and jumps into it and while he’s falling he manages to hold on to a rope and breathes a sigh of relief. He looks up and sees the lion hovering over him, waiting for him, he looks down and beneath him is a large serpent with his mouth open waiting for him to fall. The only support he has is the rope. After a little while he sees a black mouse and a white mouse set upon the rope, and they begin to nibble it. Now above is the lion, beneath is the serpent and the only support he has is the rope which is now being nibbled at by the two mice. In front of him he sees this honeycomb, he looks at the honeycomb, and then he sticks his finger into the honey and he places his finger on his tongue. The sweetness of the honey momentarily makes him forget the lion, the snake, and the two mice. Now what do we get from this? Imam Gaazali Rahimullah says that the lion is death, which is always chasing you, the serpent is your grave, into which every person will fall and if he’s a good person, it will be a Garden from Paradise, and if he’s evil, it will be a pit from the pits of Jahannam, the rope is his life, and the black mouse denotes the night, the white mouse denotes the day, and they are always nibbling upon your life. And the main part of this is the honey, which is the dunya, a man tastes the sweetness of the dunya and he forgets death, he forgets the grave, he forgets a day will come when he will die, and he will have to stnd in front of his creator. This is the reality of the dunya.

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