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Watch this Bollywood Hindi Action Movie “Meri Taqat Meri Jung'” (dubbed from Kannada hit film “Laksmi”) starring Shivraj Kumar, Priyamani, Ashish Vidhyarthi. Its a film for setting nation free from terrorism.

When the ‘Specialist’ (Gurudut) is killed by Lakshminarayan, he finds to his dismay that his wife is in Hong Kong. For tracing his wife Priya (Priyamani) he travels to Hong Kong the hub of terrorist activities. In the gang of Ashish Vidyarthi the main pillar who is out to destroy all the major state capitals of India – Priya is working. Priya is in the name of Reshma learning all about the moves of terrorists joined the team and also earns the close affinity from her brain power in a Casino incident.
The search of Lakshminarayan in the capacity of CBI officer lands him in the most dangerous den of Ashish Vidyarthi. This is where Lakshmi finds Priya. At this situation Ashish Vidyarthi knows who exactly is Reshma.

The couple with couple of dangers uses the clever brain. Lakshmi for deactivating the blasts planned sets the family members of Ashish Vidyarthi free but never stops in putting an end to the terrorist head.

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Movie Title: Meri Taqat Meri Jung
Genre: Action-Revenge
Starcast: Shivraj Kumar, Priyamani, Ashish Vidhyarthi
Director: Raghav Loki
Music: Gurukiran
Year: 2013

Download Movie Meri Taqat Meri Jung (Full Movie)- Watch Free Full Length action Movie

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