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Watch this Bollywood Hindi Action Movie “Khaki Vardi” (dubbed from Malayalam Superhit film “Kakki”) starring Prithvi Raj, Manasa,Meera Vasudevan.

Ramkrishna, a Head Constable, nicknamed as ‘the spineless police’, considers his job as a means to look after his family and it is by his seventeen year service in the department , that he managed to educate Sunil Kumar and their sister Meenakshi. His younger brother Sunil Kumar (Prithviraj) a Sub Inspector is just opposite to him, being is an idealist and gutsy to the point of being reckless, taking on everything bad in the society from Kanjavu Mafia to video pirates and sex racketeers.

As they began to start working in the same police station, Ramkrishna a practical minded policemen, tries to prevent his brother from tearing faces of the influential malefactors and to enter into disarray with them. But Sunil Kumar when at work sees Ramkrishna only as a subordinate and does not allow anyone to go over law.
Honest intentions take the back seat here as these cops succumb to a system rife with corruption, bribes and the ubiquitous underworld nexus. One of the very first figure with whom Sunil Kumar comes to clash is the very influential City Corporation chairman Jagannatha Varma and the political kingmaker ex-MLA Karunakara Menon who incidentally is Ramkrishna’s father-in-law.
Parvana, a television journalist plays Sunil’s love interest, who often assists him in his endeavors. Sunil Kumar arrests Jagannatha Varma and crooked Karunakara Menon for immoral trafficking and attempting to molest a young girl. Things take a dramatic turn, with the arrival of Baba Khan, the king of the Kanjavu Mafia to take revenge on Sunil and his family. And the entire family is now in the run between protecting the family ties and saving the brothers from disgrace.

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Movie Title: Khaki Vardi
Genre: Indian Movie: Action-Cop Story
Starcast: Prithvi Raj, Manasa,Meera Vasudevan.
Director: Bipin Prabhakar
Music: Deepak Dev
Year: 2007

Download Movie Khaki Vardi (Full Movie)-Watch Free Full Length action Movie

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