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In this funny gf bf Hindi comedy video, Anmol’s girlfriend Priya is angry with him as she doesn’t have good clothes to wear (well, at least she thinks so). She asks Anmol “Kya Pehnu?” and his answer to her question sparks a fire which just can not be put off! Watch the funny gf bf fight in hindi as the girlfriend gets very angry on the boyfriend and find out what the BF does to meet the demands of the demanding GF.

This amazing funny desi video will blow your mind and have you laughing till you drop! The humor in this video is highly relatable if you have ever had a girlfriend or boyfriend! Even If you haven’t had a relationship or haven’t ever dated someone as yet, you should watch this video because it might just show you a side of relationships and dating that you aren’t really aware of. Who wants to deal with a crazy girlfriend or a mad ex-girlfriend? A over demanding relationship which drains you out? With heartbreaks and the drama that follows? None of us, right? This short video will give you a sort of sneak peek to what it is like to be in a relation with a girl like Priya!

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Just Girlfriend Things is a series of short, funny videos by Mai Comedian Toh Nahi, where Priya (the annoying girlfriend) and Anmol (the helpless boyfriend) are seen confronting each other on situations based on daily relationship problems.
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Anmol Sachar is a content creator with a burning passion to entertain. Formerly known as ‘Mai Comedian Toh Nahi’, Anmol Sachar Videos makes everything from funny dubs, mashups, vines, sketch comedy, pranks videos.
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