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These funny Shayaris in Hindi by Anmol Sachar (Previously called Mai Comedian Toh Nahi) are so bad that they’re actually good! These comedy shayaris in hindi will Give You Cancer In Your Soul. This is the best funny shayari video in hindi! These Savage shayaris are so bad that your ears will bleed but you will still want more! Also, the laugh after each shayari is funnier than the hindi shayari comedy itself!

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About Anmol Sachar:
Anmol Sachar is a content creator with a burning passion to entertain. Formerly known as ‘Mai Comedian Toh Nahi’, Anmol Sachar Videos makes everything from funny dubs, mashups, vines, sketch comedy, pranks videos.
Anmol makes funny, relatable and humorous digital content across social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).

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