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Presenting Latest Punjabi Movie 2016 Bathinda Express full movie directed by Deep Joshi, released worldwide on 8th April, 2016.

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Synopsis :

Inder, a flamboyant, vivacious, & passionate youth of Punjab, an ambitious runner, a go-getter, a trend-setter for everyone that knows him. Fast & focused in every area of his life, just like the fast & furiously impeccable BATHINDA EXPRESS.

Willpower so strong, that every endeavor opens up on its own, the hardest path looks so smooth; and such charming & innocent that turns even the haters into admirers!

In short, you cannot hate him for long!
As humble as the earth though, he has true friends rather than fans and admirer of his character more than his fame! You can hate him, but only till you meet him.

But what happens that suddenly brings massive downfall to his entire life. What makes him lose his friends, his lover and most importantly – his passion & willpower – in short, himself? Will darkness win over light? Will dark aspects of reality crush the beauty of youthful vigor? Will Inder be able to find his strength & himself again and re-build his beautiful life?

This is the story of victory over defeat, a representative of the bright & colorful Punjabi youth of all time! Celebration, friendship, first love, loyalty, fun-filled college days, laughter, fights, roadside food and what not! But that doesn’t end there! Come & experience the life of city trotting, carefree and happy lives of Inder and his friends. Come, watch and get inspired!

Download Movie Bathinda Express | Full Movie | New Punjabi Movies 2016 | HD | Subtitles | 5.1

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