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Watch this Bollywood Hindi Action Movie “APARICHIT 2” (dubbed from Tamil Superhit film “KATHAL SADUKUDU”) Starring: Vikram, Priyanka, Prakash Raj.

The film starts off by showing Sitaram (Prakash Raj), and how he’s an important man in the village. He is an adamant character who always sticks on to his decisions. When the temple festival starts, Kaushalya (Priyanka) goes to her grandfather’s house to celebrate. There she meets Suresh (Vikram) and they fall in love.
Meanwhile, Sitaram gets into many conflicts with Suresh, not even knowing who the other was. All the things that Suresh did were unintentional but Sitaram doesn’t realize this. Therefore, Sitaram ends up with a very negative opinion of Suresh. When the day comes that everyone in Kaushalya’s grandfather’s’s home find out that Suresh and Kaushalya are in love, they try to get Sitaram (Kaushalya’s father) to agree to the wedding. He, however stubbornly sticks to his decision that the marriage should not take place. Finally Suresh asks him what would make him happy. Sitaram says that he would be happy if Suresh dies.
Realizing that arguing further would be futile, Suresh decides to go back to Madras. Kaushalya tries to join him at the railway station to go with him, but Suresh refuses saying “If I Marry you, It will be with your father’s permission and acceptance”. Whether Suresh is able to set the matters correct with Sitaram ? Whether Suresh and Kaushalya are able to marry ?

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Movie Title: APARICHIT 2
Genre: Bollywood Movie: Action- Comedy-Drama
Starcast: Vikram, Priyanka, Prakash Raj.
Director: Durai
Year: 2003

Download Movie APARICHIT 2 | Hindi Film | Full Movie | Vikram | Priyanka | Prakash Raj

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